APPEK is your full service mobile application consultant, and we’re here to walk beside you from conception to design and development, deployment and beyond! Apps are our passion, and our mission is to deliver your customers extraordinary experiences.

    While we live and breathe technology, we also know that you may not. That’s why we put as much emphasis on our client relations and communication as we do on our technical proficiency. We’re here to help you solve problems, not cause them!


    Are you wondering how an app can help your business?
    Do you want to know where you stand amongst your competitors?
    Do you need help coming up with creative solutions to differentiate?

    • Needs Assessment
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Business Analysis
    • Technical Roadmap

    These are all questions we can answer in our strategic services. Beyond assisting with idea conception, we can offer real world business insights into your app project, help you hone your vision, and translate your ideas into technical specifications for your app to be designed and built upon.


    The first step in the design process is for us to help you discern how your app will work.
    By identifying what your users will do most often, value the most, and how you want them to be using your app, we can optimize the architecture of their experience.

    • User Experience Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Screen Size Optimizations
    • Platform-Specific Paradigms

    Once we’ve framed out the architecture, then we can focus on putting up the walls and hanging the artwork! Our award-winning design team will take over to apply whatever style best fits your brand, your app, and your users’ experiences. From modern chic to rock grunge, bright and fun to dark and mysterious, we’ll come up with the perfect look for you!


    Dealing with development can be a harrowing process:
    A tangled mess of deliverables, deadlines, and decision making. And yet, it’s our assertion that these problems are caused by one fundamental problem: poor communication.

    • Agile Development
    • Focused Communication
    • Frequent Updates
    • Flexible Requirements

    Our talented team of in-house developers practice an agile development philosophy that places utmost priority on one thing: consistent communication with our clients. When working with APPEK, you should expect to see weekly builds of your app, daily communication, and flexibility for changing priorities! Simply put, we view our clients as essential members of our team.


    When an app is all grown up and ready to leave our App House, it can be a painful process to see it go,
    but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Deployment can get a little complicated, so we’ll be there to walk you through it!

    • Deployment
    • Maintenance
    • Feature Updates
    • Release Planning

    But hopefully that’s not the end--just the beginning! Once an app leaves the App House, there’s still plenty of work to do. We’re here for any bug fixes or feature additions you may have for your new app, as well as planning for any other extensions of your service, or platforms you may want to expand your suite of apps to!

  • ReferLocal

    ReferLocal gave us an opportunity to do one of the things we love to do the most: help startups extend their platforms by giving their users a second-to-none mobile experience. As ReferLocal continues to expand their user base, we’ll be there to help them scale their platform!

    This app gives ReferLocal’s customers the power to view a featured local daily deal, browse deals by category, and purchase deals they want on-the-go! We helped ReferLocal by engaging users with exclusively mobile features like push notifications and geolocation, not to mention a gorgeous design!


    When enterprising young co-founders Andrew Herman and Adam Ceresko were still in their college days at Penn State, they sought to solve one problem: students hate waiting in the freezing cold or pouring rain for their buses! How can we use apps to help?

    And so APPEK was born! We partnered with Penn State’s transportation partner CATA to deliver a high quality transportation app showing CATA’s bus locations, predicted schedules, emergency alerts, and more! So far, tens of thousands of Penn State students thank us!

    Face Invaders

    TechCrunch, Gizmodo and CNN all agreed, sometimes you just need to have a little passive-aggressive fun by zapping all of your Facebook friends into oblivion! Truth be told, this app was an APPEK idea from start to finish, and it was a bunch of fun! We decided to marry an old arcade classic to Facebook, and out popped this little gem!

    Yumm Photos

    As one of the most popular recipe browsing websites on the internet, wanted to truly extend the functionality of their platform with the use of apps. While they already had a killer iPad app, they wanted to do something new with an iPhone app...

    That’s where we came in! We helped Yumm gain a whole new audience by introducing Yumm Photos, the app store’s best food photo sharing app! With a playful and fun design, this app lets users upload and share photos of Yumm-y dishes, and tag them with recipes so their friends can join in on all the Yumm!

    French Girls

    Sometimes here at APPEK, we get a little bored. So what do we do? Well we make our own apps! French Girls is a very successful portrait app that was spawned from APPEK's first ever AppStock!

    How'd it get done? Well, we came into work on a Friday, and started brainstorming ideas for something fun we could get done in a weekend! We went through many iterations of brainstorming, and then started the hacking! After just one weekend, we ended up with this beautiful gem of an app!


    MIMO (short for money-in, money-out...we know, coolest branding ever!) is Nigeria’s leading payment platform, with features optimized for Nigerian commerce. The platform allows users to link their bank accounts, transfer money to other users, pay vendors, and more! We just helped them put all those features in the palm of your hand!

    We wanted this app to be as easy to use as pulling cash out of your wallet, and we think we accomplished just that! With compact, efficient features and and a comfortable design, this is one of the most seamless payment experiences in the app store today.


    When VYTL walked into the App House, we were presented with a very interesting challenge: How can we make networking of highly successful professionals attending conferences as easy as shaking their hand and trading a card?

    The answer is the VYTL platform: a closed-circuit, invitation only social network comprised of registrants of some of the world’s most elite and important professional conferences. Featuring a gorgeous, modern design, fully featured social tools tailored for a professional experience, and an intuitive user interface, this one is truly a showcase app for us!

    ReferLocal Merchant

    In addition to creating a mobile extension to their service, ReferLocal also wanted us to help them create a tool for their advertisers to easily redeem a customer’s purchased voucher. How could we do this? Easy! We were turned the merchants’ phones into barcode scanners!

    This app is elegant, simple, exceedingly easy to use, and ultimately, a powerful utility for all ReferLocal merchants. We gave them the ability to quickly and easily scan a voucher’s bar code or key the ID number, monitor the statuses of vouchers, and mark vouchers as redeemed!

    Minigrip (iPad)

    Minigrip came to APPEK and said, “We need to make bags sexy!”  Their sales team was struggling to showcase their products at events.  Not only did they want to catch up to their competition, but blow them away entirely.

    The main obstacle faced was to provide a smooth and fun experience while filtering lots of data.  With this mission, APPEK went to the drawing board.  The result was a sleek design with a custom, animated widget to attract the user’s attention.  Before they know it, they’re at their desired result.  


    Minigrip came to APPEK and said, “We need to make bags sexy!”  Their sales team was struggling to showcase their products at events.  Not only did they want to catch up to their competition, but blow them away entirely.

    The main obstacle faced was to provide a smooth and fun experience while filtering lots of data.  With this mission, APPEK went to the drawing board.  The result was a sleek design with a custom, animated widget to attract the user’s attention.  Before they know it, they’re at their desired result.  


    Why should only famous people get hooked up for promoting a brand? With Shillster, you can too! Star in your own photo and receive exclusive deals, social accolades and good karma for helping your favorite businesses.

    APPEK was instrumental in getting Shillster off the ground, collaborating with Otreva to create Shillster's web presence, content management system, and iPhone app.


    We have worked with clients from around the world and our own backyard. Here you can see some samples of apps we've made or are currently working on.

    French Girls




    Face Invaders





    Welcome to APPEK! We are a full-service mobile app agency offering end-to-end solutions for organizations and individuals. From iOS to Android, from design to deployment - we do it all.

    iOS • Android • BlackBerry • Windows Phone
  • Adam Ceresko


    Being raised in an entrepreneurial family, it was in my nature to one day start my own company. Little did I know it would be during my graduating semester in college when I co-founded APPEK, a mobile development company. Now I spend everyday innovating and developing new products.

    Aside from APPEK, I am an avid golfer, passionate sports fan, video game entusiast, electronic music junkie, and I make it to the gym enough. I have a very strong relationship with my family, and without them, none of this would be possible.

    Nick Heckman

    Best Programmer

    Nick Heckman began programming at a young age, making independent video games for the PC. Later in life this took him to sunny Orlando, Florida where he attended Full Sail University to hone his craft, and has since started releasing more games for the XBox, PC, and mobile markets.

    Now he lends his expertise to APPEK, using his knowledge of video games to create fun and exciting mobile apps. In the meantime he continues to create amazingly fun games and has been sharpening his programming edge to lend to the company when they need something engaging.

    Andrew Herman


    Andrew grew up as the youngest of his seven siblings, learning at an early age that Nintendo and electronic typewriters were his only advantages against the cruel world of football, motorcycles, lipstick and (non-cellular) telephones in which his elder siblings lived.

    Caccooning himself in Windows 95, TI-86 calculators, and 56K modems, Andrew emerged as a part-time technologist and full-time rock star shortly after meeting his Co-Founder, Adam Ceresko, in August of 2008 at Penn State. Andrew has a love affair with interface design, and hopes to shift the traditional paradigms of how users interact with their computers.

    Preston Propert


    Preston graduated from Broome Community College with an AS in Computer Science in 2007, and later attended Penn State and graduated with distinction, in 2011. Other than programming, Preston has many hobbies (volleyball, fishing, camping, hiking, movies). He is sometimes referred to Prest-Bot 4000 when he plays cards with his friends. Preston only plays video games long enough to become enraged by the lack of depth or content. Preston is generally hard to talk to since he doesn't know who actors, actresses, musicians and others involved in entertainment. He does not apologize for this.

    He spends the majority of his off time funding the lavish life style of the Scranton bar owners, or helping a friend operate a sound and lighting company.

    Jeff Farkas

    Field Agent

    Jeff was rescued by APPEK from the dirty slums of technical support in Spring of 2011. He enjoys designing how each piece of the puzzle fit together to create a great product. He might not work from the APPEK office, but he does maintain constant contact with his fellow developers.

    Jeff can often be seen rockin’ the fro, drinking his 8th cup of coffee (or Mountain Dew), or enjoying the newest product from Taco Bell. In his spare time, he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and getting lost in the woods. Jeff strives to be a master of all trades, filling in the gap wherever necessary.

    Salil Malkan


    Salil Malkan joined APPEK in the Spring of 2011 after giving up on his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. In between he also tried being a rock star, astronaut, professional dancer, and NBA basketball player. Each one of these careers was going great until he got bored with them. For now, he's happy developing and designing kind of sort of bad ass mobile applications for APPEK. His hobbies include being pretentious about the music he listens to, knowing the most about basketball, and playing but not finishing Zelda games.

    Salil Malkan is also consistently the worst dressed in the office.

    Tom Sennett

    No-Talent Hack

    Tom Sennett joined APPEK the summer after he graduated from Penn State in 2011, and now serves as the company's in-house designer/artist. With a background in game and web development, his approach is pointedly user-focused and aesthetically attuned.

    While efficiency and simplicity of the user experience is his first priority, Tom has been known to give apps "punch", make apps "pop", and/or help create apps that "look totally sweet".

    Scott Marchington

    Resident Viking

    After having worked as a web developer for what seemed like an eternity, Scott started working for APPEK in December of 2011. Scott enjoys all aspects of the mobile application development process, except for testing. When not at work, Scott enjoys local music, mountain biking, playing Magic: The Gathering competitively, and arguing for the sake of arguing (especially about things that have no real world implications).

    Scott believes no software development company is complete without a solid beard.

    Ellen Ceresko

    Sales Intern

    As a summer intern, Ellen’s main focus is Sales/ Marketing. As a junior at Penn State University, Ellen is studying Marketing in the Smeal Business College and hopes to increase her experience here at APPEK.

    Other than shadowing her brother in the office and studying at school, Ellen is living the life of a D-1 athlete as a member of the Women’s Golf team at Penn State. Her competiveness is an asset to the App House, but not on the links. Outside the office, both her and Adam have brother/sister matches on the course battling out till the end!

    Amanda Jones

    Development Intern

    Amanda graduated from the University of Scranton with degrees in mathematics and secondary education/mathematics in 2010. She went on to teach mathematics at Scranton High School. Amanda is currently a software engineering graduate student at the University of Scranton.

    As an Appek summer intern, she is expanding her programming knowledge by learning iOS development, while drinking large amounts of tea. Outside of work and school, her activities include reading, live music shows, tutoring math, baking and attempting to cook. Her summer goals include mastering protocols and one day beating Salil in a game of PIG. Additionally, Amanda plans to earn the title of Appek's official cupcake baker.

    Vince Smigiel

    Design Intern

    Vince Smigiel is a designer, art director, and glasses entusiast currently attending Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, OH. Vince derives a lot of his creative thinking from personal experience and offers a trendy design style mixed with the fundamentals. Vince is also responsible for the face of the Appek brand.

    Although new to UX design, he can easily catch on to any project, and always looks for the smartest solution to a problem. He will be graduating from CCAD in the Spring of 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in Advertising & Graphic Design. He plans on moving to Brooklyn, NY upon graduation to pursue a career as an Art Director in the advertising world.

    Graydon Speace

    Minister of Propaganda

    Graydon is a designer with a background in advertising and illustration. He loves creating custom assets, obsessing over details, and developing brand identity.

    In his free time, Graydon can be found designing rock posters, drawing comics, and thrashing on the drums for the legendary rock band, Coal Cracker.

    Kris Jones

    Investor / Cofounder

    Kris is the former President and CEO of Pepperjam, a full-service internet marketing agency and affiliate network he founded in 1999 and sold to eBay Enterprise (NASDAQ – EBAY). Since leaving Pepperjam in April 2010 Kris founded an early stage technology investment fund called KBJ Capital, a company whose portfolio includes Appek, French Girls App,, Internet Media Labs, ,, and more.

    Now he lends his expertise to APPEK, using his extensive leadership knowlege to drive great work. In his free time Kris enjoys traveling, reading, and giving inspirational speeches to young professionals and students. Kris very much enjoys serving on several academic and non-profit advisory boards.

    Ethan Moss

    Sales Intern

    Ethan is a farmer, accounting student, and intern. He is currently attending Marywood University and working as a business developer/analyst for APPEK. When he isn’t busy passing out surveys and researching competitors he dominates the ping pong table with his gracefulness.

    Ethan is a triple digit golfer, loves to mountain bike, and competes in tractor pulling. He plans to graduate in December 2012 and hopes to work for a local accounting firm.

    Samantha Runco

    Sales Intern

    Samantha studies Business and Marketing at Penn State University. The senior and native of Springbrook Township, Pa., remains active in many academic clubs and programs. She recently earned induction into the Linde Family Mentoring Program. Samantha also serves as treasurer of the Business Club.

    She also maintains a busy schedule away from campus, working as a gymnastics coach at First Class Gymnastics and as a receptionist at Alexander’s Salon and Spa.

    Samantha enjoys taking pictures, baking, cooking, reading, and shopping when she's not studying or working. She likes to spend her free minutes with her family and friends.




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